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An understanding or belief in 'why' you exist and how your existence brings value to the world. It aligns with who you are at your core. It gives you the courage and momentum that moves you forward while bringing joyous contentment to your life.

If you invest 30 minutes a day into yourself to get clarity on your purpose, I will help you with 3 very important challenges that will transform your life:


Teach you the formula that will help you unlock your purpose and give you clarity.


Show you how to leverage your passion and purpose to maximise your impact & income.


Establish a roadmap and give you mindset tools to unlock your confidence to fulfil the next step.

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Having a purpose is the difference between making a living and making a life.

AMAZING Things happen when you have clarity of purpose...

Enhanced Confidence

The sense of fulfilling your purpose brings you closer to full alignment than anything else. The knowledge of this alone increases your self-confidence

Increased Motivation

Knowing your purpose motivates you to level up on your personal growth as you strive to reach your potential to fulfill your purpose

Intentional Lifestyle

Being clear on your purpose helps you to take intentional actions that align with your life goals and stops you living on autopilot.

Improves Wellbeing

Living your soul purpose means you spend more time focusing on your passions which helps to reduce stress and anxiety about the future.

Nothing overcomes procrastination and boosts your passion for life quicker than being clear on your purpose

This is how it's going to go down

Day 1 – We will focus on the limiting beliefs that are holding you back or keeping you stuck. Your path to purpose begins with a mindset reset.

Day 2 – We focus on the things that weigh on your heart. The things that both set you alight and make your blood boil. This is one of the corners stones to identifying your purpose.

Day 3 – Switching from the hearts desire, we look at human traits and needs that our purpose must fulfil in order for us to experience a fruitful and successful lifestyle.

Day 4 – There are ways that your purpose has an impact on the wider world. It expands beyond just you, so Day 4 is where we look at the contribution your purpose will make in the world.

Day 5 – Putting all of the elements together to reveal the Purpose Formula, you will see how the pieces fit and together we will create a roadmap allowing you to step courageously into your purpose driven life.

Hi, I’m JJ, International Life, Career & Confidence Coach, Feel the fear and do it anyway Certified Trainer, CEO of Ability Business Group, Founder of The Confidence Queens Academy, and Creator of The Sustainable Self-Confidence Formula… Let me tell you a little bit about me. 
I’m a high-performing go-getter, with big dreams, just like you. But life happened, and I got caught up in a spiral of abusive relationships. I didn’t see it coming, and as a result, I lost my passion for life and for myself. I didn’t realise that I had lost control of my life, I began to constantly doubt myself, and I no longer trusted my own judgment or intuition. The only thing I was confident about was my job,  but I struggled with imposter syndrome and burnt myself out! My confidence vanished!

The thing is, self-confidence and self-belief, are determining factors of living a happy, joyous, and meaningful life. When I lost those things, I lost myself and felt broken. It took me years to rebuild my life to where it is now, but I did it. And on that journey to self-discovery, I decided, I never wanted to lose myself again. I decided to live an intentional life. I decided to ‘Live On Purpose’. 

What I didn’t realise, was that my journey, as uncomfortable, painful and often traumatic as it was, was actually preparing me for where I am in my life now.

Thriving in my purpose. Now, I don’t just live on purpose, I live in purpose.

It’s the most powerful state of living, and I want to help you to get there and reap the benefits. This is why I am so excited to deliver, The Purpose Incubator so I can show you the formula to my success and help you unlock your soul’s purpose.

If you are not fulfilling your purpose, you are fulfilling someone else's, for little, or no reward, or satisfaction!

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