The Confidence Queens Academy

Catch Up

This Is Your Purpose Incubator Catch Up Page

This Page is where you can catch up on the daily tasks, AMA threads & LIVE Crown Fixing Calls

… 👀 and the secret task ‘Cheat Sheets’… Ssshh

It will be updated daily for your ease and convenience.

Time is precious – use it well!

Let's start at the beginning with your Pre-Challenge Content

You are worth it!

How long are you prepared to wait before you step into your powerful, purposeful and abundant life? Don't you think you've waiting and delayed long enough? It's time Queeen. It's time to choose yourself and invest in something that will take you to your next level in a supportive way that includes a growth community. Take this opportunity and join me in The Confidence Queense Academy.

Hear From Some Of The Queens In The CQ Academy

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