The Confidence Queens Academy

Have you been telling yourself these stories?

…I’m a perfectionist, it’s just how I am

…Soon, they’re going to notice I’m not that smart

…I should know this by now, i’m just not cut out for this job

…Someone is going to call you out for accepting a job I knew I couldn’t do

…At some point they’ll realise they picked me by mistake and fire me, I know it


You don’t have to feel this way. Imposter Syndrome does not need to have you beat. 

So decide… Are you are ready to overcome The Dreaded Imposter and get a handle over your life again?

If you’ve decided enough is enough and you want to take the required steps to move your life forward, you are indeed, in the right place. 

Access the recording which has been broken down into mini-training videos allowing the information to be easily digested and pick up at the exact place you need to focus on. 

The mini training comes with a fully downloadable and editable workbook with all of the self-coaching questions that will help you navigate away from the negative emotions and thoughts caused by Imposter Syndrome and instead, you can begin to feel clarity and confidence, that you are the right person, in the right place, at the right time. 

Your investment for this mini-course and workbook is £9.99 ($14 USD). Click the button below to view the course.

Not ready for the mini-course and workbook? No problem, you can download the presentation slides.

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