Your In!
I'm sooo excited.

OK, you're call is booked, and you may be feeling excited too, maybe even a little nervous. Its natural.

So let me tell you what to do next to reduce some of the uncertainty you may be feeling.

Here's Your Pre-Discovery Call Actions & Checklist for "Feel the Fear & THRIVE" Programme

What To Expect

What's Next


Reflective Questions:

  1. Your Motivation: What inspired you to join the ‘Feel the Fear & THRIVE’ programme? What are you hoping to achieve or change in your life?
  2. Goals and Aspirations: Think about specific goals or areas of your life you wish to transform. Can you identify one or two primary areas you’d like to focus on?
  3. Challenges and Obstacles: Reflect on any challenges or obstacles that have been holding you back. What are the key issues you hope to address through this programme?

What To Expect

And Then?

Practical Preparations:

  1. Availability Check: Please review your diary/calendar before our call. Come prepared with an idea of dates and times that work best for you for our coaching sessions.
  2. Quiet Space for the Call: Ensure you have a quiet, private space for our discovery call where you can speak freely and without interruptions.
  3. Think About Your Commitment: Consider what commitment means to you in terms of time, energy, and participation. How ready do you feel to embark on this journey?

What To Expect

And Finally...

Additional Considerations:

  1. Any Questions for Me: Do you have any specific questions about the programme or what you can expect? Write these down so we can address them during our call.
  2. Technical Setup: Ensure you have a reliable internet connection and any necessary software (like Zoom or Skype) installed for our call.
  3. Open Mindset: Come to the call with an open mind and a willingness to explore new possibilities and perspectives.

I’m looking forward to working with you and helping you transform your life. 

I can’t wait to see you THRIVING.

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