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Life can be amazing when you make the decision to choose yourself and create a life that you love.
Keep reading, and I will show you how to unlock sustainable self-confidence so you can connect with your potential and purpose and truly THRIVE!

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Well, I guess, that's why you're here right?! 


I’m so glad you’re here, reading this. Why? Because it means you want to invest in yourself. You’re so much closer to making the change YOU WANT just by making that decision to invest in yourself. 

This month, we’re focusing on the theme of Helping Yourself. Helping Yourself means that you have identified those areas you’re weakest in, those vulnerabilities which cause you to sabotage yourself, or where you’ve not shown up for yourself. And now, you’re taking those active steps to actually Help Yourself to get up, get going, move on.

 If you haven’t already read my blog “I’m helping myself to me”, go read it. It’ll give you the steps that you need to start Helping Yourself. I want you to pay particular attention to the first step – letting go. It’s so tempting to just try and plow forward, “through the pain” so to speak. That’s not where we’re going with this Queen. You’ve been gritting your teeth and plowing through for so long, you might not even realize you’re doing it. This time around, we’re doing things with intention, we’re doing things mindfully. So Queen, take the time to go through each step and start with the most important one. Let go. 

If you’re having trouble identifying those things you need to let go of or that are otherwise blocking your progress, I’ve got a new series for you, which you can check out on Instagram, called “What’s Holding You Back?”. You might find Day 5 particularly pertinent 😉 The series will walk you through: 

  • The three P’s (procrastination, pre-crastination – you’ll have to watch to find out what that is, and perfectionism);
  • Failure to set boundaries or to say no. I shared a personal anecdote on a tricky situation where I said no – I lived to my own standard (check it out here). You can do this too. The power to design your own life is entirely within your hands;
  • Self-doubt and negative thinking;
  • Failing to change anything but expecting different results (aka the definition of insanity :P); and
  • Lack of self-forgiveness.

I also want you to get in the habit of being kind to yourself. I’ve uploaded a new series called the 14 Day Self-Care & Self-Love Challenge to get you to focus on just that. You only need to invest 15 minutes per day to flip that internal switch that gets you to become kinder, more loving, and more positive towards yourself.  

You’re here because you’ve noticed I’ve started a new blog. I’ll be posting here once a week my usual tips and tricks that you would have otherwise received by email, as well as links to the material you might need for each month’s theme. You can engage with me on these posts (or on anything else you want!) in the comments section below. Hopefully, you’ll find this an interesting way to share and to also engage with other Queens who are on similar journeys.

As always, I would love to hear from you! Have you identified what you’ve needed to let go of in order to Help Yourself? Is there anything you’re stuck on? Have you identified the saboteur in your life? Leave a comment below, or post a comment in the VIP Facebook Group or the CQA Discord Channel!

The result is so worth the journey, and YOU ARE WORTH THE WORK. Choose you, commit to yourself, and get started.

Fix your crown.

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JJ, Your Courage Catalyst

I'm a Certified Life, Career, and Confidence Coach, and Certified Feel the fear and do it anyway coach & Trainer. and, I'm also the founder of The Confidence Queens Academy.
These blogs are a way for me to share transformational insights, tools and techniques that will help you develop sustainable self-confidence and learn how to transition from surviving to THRIVING.

If you’re looking to step into the royal 'soft' life that you deserve, be sure to check out The Confidence Queens Academy, it’s everything you’ve been looking for... and so much more.

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