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Procrastination Revealed: …And It’s Not About Time Management or Self-Discipline

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Are you sabotaging your future because you can’t get past procrastination?

You’re diligent, motivated, and committed; you’re a boss in many areas of your life.


Yet you still find yourself stuck in a procrastination loop when it comes to doing things for yourself, and it’s making you feel rubbish.


You’re questioning yourself and wondering if your purpose, your dreams and ideas are a big mistake.

Maybe you misread the signs. Maybe the vision wasn’t for you but for you to tell someone else.


Before you quit on yourself, hold fire. You’re not procrastinating because you’re ‘no good’ or lazy. And it’s not because you’re rubbish with time management or because you can’t be trusted to be consistent.


You are procrastinating because you are… AFRAID!


Yeh, I know, you don’t think that’s it. I get it, but hear me out.


Think about it: If you truly lacked self-discipline and time management skills, how are you managing to excel in other areas of your life? How are you hitting those work deadlines, maintaining relationships, or even keeping up with daily routines?


Your ‘lack of discipline’ doesn’t add up, does it? You’re doing so much more than you give yourself credit for, but there’s something else holding you back, something deeper, and it’s not your inability to manage time or be disciplined.



So, now that we’ve cleared that up. How about you go ahead and show yourself a little compassion, maybe even throw in an apology for calling yourself a procrastinator, and God knows what else you’ve been saying to yourself? Just know you’re not failing at time management; you’re not some out-of-control adult who lacks discipline or the ability to be consistent.


The Widespread Nature of Procrastination:

According to a survey by the Procrastination Research Group, 95% of people admit to procrastinating, with approximately 25% identifying as having chronic procrastination. In the UK specifically, over 45% of people have trouble dealing with procrastination. This staggering statistic reveals that you’re not alone; procrastination is a widespread challenge, and understanding what lies beneath it is the key to overcoming it, particularly because it doesn’t just ‘go away’.


Understanding Your Brain’s response to fear:

So, what’s this unseen force that’s messing with your dreams? It’s fear, an emotional response to perceived danger, a primal reaction that’s been with us since the dawn of time. But your brain’s got a bit mixed up. It’s like a well-meaning but overprotective parent, seeing danger in every shadow. Your amygdala, that little bit of your brain responsible for fear, isn’t quite getting that the risks you want to take to pursue your dreams aren’t going to harm you physically. It’s reacting like you’re facing a charging lion, not just a challenging project. It floods your body with stress hormones and gets you ready to run away or fight. It’s not your fault; it’s your brain’s overzealous way of keeping you safe. And guess what? Everyone has this reaction. How we react to it, how we let it hold us back or push us forward, that’s where the real game is played. You can be stuck forever, or you can recognise this for what it is and take control. The choice is yours.



The Amygda‘what’? Let’s get into the science:

But here’s the kicker: your brain can mistake your dreams, ambitions, and the path to your real self as threats. I guess, realistically, they are threats… to your comfort, and your brain just loves to be comfortable! Susan Jeffers, author of the best-selling personal development book, “Feel the Fear and do it anyway,” hit the nail on the head when she wrote: fear is a reaction to moving closer to your authentic self.


Neurological studies show that the brain utilises fear as a barrier to keep you in the comfort zone. This means your procrastination is an emotional response to an unknown future, the unconscious fear of failure or judgment, or one of the many other fears we generally experience. It’s just your brain’s way of saying, “stay put; it’s safer here.” So, instead of treating fear like a stop sign, see it as a proceed with caution, and keep going.


Empowerment in Action: Val’s Triumph Over Procrastination

Allow me to introduce you to one of my past clients, Val.


Val attended one of my workshops, and after hearing that fear could be the root of procrastination and stuckness, she immediately knew she had to work with me and explore this further as it made sense to her, and nothing else was working. She knew she had to do something different in order to get a better result than what she was receiving on her own.


When we spoke, she shared with me that she felt her life had moved totally in the wrong direction. Somewhere along the line, she had lost control, and fallen out of alignment with her true self.


She couldn’t see how she ended up feeling unfulfilled, yet on paper; everything appeared to be fine. While writing her first book, she became stricken with writer’s block. She felt stuck in the loop of procrastination, and no time management technique or productivity tool was working, and it became suffocating. The grip of fear had infiltrated not just her professional life but spread across her personal relationships and friendships. It isolated her, weighing her down with feelings of inadequacy, and failure. 


But here’s the truth: After our first coaching session, it became clear to see she was holding fear from a position of pain, and it was having a painful impact on her life.


Procrastination was a coping strategy, and all the reasons for not taking action and not being able to pursue the things most important to her were to protect her from the perceived danger of being judged by others. The fear of losing everything if she set boundaries or said ‘no’ and instead took a chance on herself and her dream. 


During the fear identification module of my Signature Feel the fear Transformation Programme, we identified and dissected the fear, understanding its roots, its whispers, and its false promises. We peeled back the layers, each revealing more about her true self, and in that raw vulnerability, we found strength. We turned that gripping fear into empowerment, transforming not just her dreams but the very core of her being. I witnessed and felt her triumph. It was real, tangible, and beautiful. 

I would love to do the same with you. Identify what is holding you back, face the fears and emerge empowered, unlocking your transformation.


The Freedom Beyond Fear:

Imagine feeling the pure exhilaration of chasing your dreams without restraint, the joy of fulfilling your purpose, and the profound satisfaction of living your true life. This isn’t a fairytale; it’s an achievable reality once the root cause of procrastination is addressed.


Your Path Forward:

Are you ready to unmask the fears and break free from the invisible chains holding you back? You’ve read the books, watched the TED Talks, tried the strategies, and yet here you are, so allow me to help you cut through the noise. Let’s uncover what’s really happening inside you.


I’m offering you a FREE Clarity Call to start this transformative journey together.


There is still time to break through the hidden fears and unleash the person you were born to be before the end of year!

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