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*6 Month Minimum Commitment*

Silver Plan
Our 'Pay Monthly' Option
⭐️ Six Month Minimum Commitment
Bi-Weekly Coaching Calls
Guest Speaker & Expert Trainings
Monthly Themes & Journal Prompts To Boost Confidence
VIP Facebook Group & 24/7 Access on Discord Channel
Exclusive Members Only Library Of Training Videos (Mini-Courses)
Daily Mindset & Motivation Email Series
Access to 'GROWTH' - The Personal Development Weekly BookClub with Coaching
➕ Annual BreakThrough MasterMind/Workshop (Coaching, Mindset & Accountability)
➕ 5% Discount on Annual Retreat & Seminar Events
⭐️ 6 month minimum commitment (Upgrade Options)
Gold Plan
Our 'Annual' Option
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2 Months Free - Saving of £130
Bi-Weekly Coaching Calls
Guest Speaker & Expert Trainings
Monthly Themes & Journal Prompts to Boost Confidence
VIP Facebook Group & 24/7 Access on Discord Channel
Exclusive Members Only Library of Training Videos (Mini-Courses)
Daily Mindset & Motivation Email Series
Access to 'GROWTH' - The Personal Development Weekly BookClub with Coaching
➕ Full Access to all MasterClass Library (By JJ & Guest Experts)
➕ Access To Exclusive Purpose Accelerator Business Mentoring Programme
➕ Annual BreakThrough MasterMind/Workshop (Coaching, Mindset & Accountability)
➕ 20% Discount off Annual Retreat & Seminar Events
➕ 1hr x 1:1 Coaching Session with JJ
⭐️ 12 Month Minimum Commitment (Upgrade Options)

Yes Queen, all this goodness for less than a Starbucks coffee a day...

and there's a money-back guarantee!

The CQA Risk Free Guarantee

Everything that is taught in the Confidence Queens Academy has been tried and tested, not only by me but many others. I’ve spent many years researching so you don’t have to. Not only that, but I’m giving you the precise formulas which are responsible for the many successes in my life. This is why I am confident enough to offer a 7-day money-back guarantee. Joining the CQ Academy is risk-free to allow you to live the life you dream of and have the support you need to do it. We’re breaking these barriers, together Queens!

Can't Decide? Let me help...

These plans were made with YOU in mind. Here's why...

The Silver Plan

Not everyone is positioned to hire a personal life coach right now, I got you! It's not an investment that everyone can make whenever they want to.

To be honest, it took me a while to figure out the mindset of investing in myself before I did it. I was used to investing in handbags and shoes... (just being honest), but personal growth, not so much! So I wanted to take it slow at first. It paid off because, well, then decided to become a coach myself.

So, when creating this Academy, it just made sense for me to make sure there was an opportunity for other women who, like me, want to take it slow and ease themself in and whenver you decide it's the right time for you, you can upgrade.

If this sounds right for you, then you can take it month by month!

The VIP Plan

By special Request, I have created an offer for all of those VIP package seekers who are looking to create sustainable confidence long term, and be part of the Confidence Queens Community, while undertaking a six session 1:1 Coaching Package focused on your needs for 'fast tracked and focused' transformation.

You asked, and I listened!
👑 Your VIP Plan gives you everything included in the Gold Plan, plus, 25% discount on all of my 1:1 coaching services and events, personal invitations to each of my events. I have a special gift for you which offers you an exciting new life experience. The type of gift, to celebrate your transformation.

Yes, your life is about to be completely transformed after just 6 coaching sessions 🙌🏾

The Gold Plan

For those prepared to make the commitment, then the Annual Gold plan is for you. And to honour you for this commitment, I've included two total life-changers:

👑 Annual PowerHour call with me. A 1:1 focused call where we outline your life goals and the obstacles you are facing (or have faced) I help you to overcome any limiting beliefss or hindrances to your progression and outline a roadmap... I call it, The Queen Lifemap.
👑  Quarterly Focused Goal setting and Accountability Calls helping you keep momentum throughout the year. Perfect for putting the breaks on procrastination and staying aligned with your Lifemap!

This call alone is valued at $300 (£225) EACH! and you get 4, along with a PowerHour. I'm committed to ensure your success and happiness!

“If you want something you've never had, you must be willing to do something you've never done.”

You’ve probably heard that before, just not given it much thought. But it’s totally true. We wreck our brains trying to figure out how to change the direction of our life. How to move from that position of pain and negativity to a position of power and positivity. We keep trying to do different things, ourselves. But the truth is, we cannot escape the cycle with the same thinking that led us to fall into the cycle. We need to step out of our comfort zone and take a different route to reach our goal!
This means, we also need to become who we’ve never been. If you’ve never been that person to ask for, or receive help, now is the time! I have created a safe place exactly for that reason because that was my life. I nearly quit on my own life,  rather than ask for help. So now, I bring the help. You don’t even need to ask! 

JJ 💜
Your Confidence & Mindset Coach

Below is just a sample of some of the areas covered to raise your confidence and professional profile at work!

Amazing Right?

The Confidence Queens Academy is an EXCLUSIVE community, since we only open our doors for a short period of time, only for three times a year.
BUT, the good news is, the doors are open now!

Let's See What The CQ Academy Members Say...

What say you, Queens?

You got questions?
...I got answers

Most frequent questions and answers

I love the idea of a community feel, I think it is important for us to support each other, however, being introverted myself, I know how difficult it can be. I have created this platform to allow people to make use of the trainings as self study. You do not need to interact if this is what you prefer. Whatever is easier for you to do, you can do that. You can interact as much or as little as you need.

Not at all. This is why we have two modes of communication. If you do not want to use facebook, you can use Discord. It is a platform where you can communicate with us all, even with me, and a Facebook account is not required. The calls will be on zoom and the video will be uploaded as a private video to our Youtube platform. You have options Queen, I believe in choice!

All sessions will be held on Zoom unless otherwise discussed and agreed in The Academy.  They will be held twice a month however, I tend to jump on to the Facebook group and do short videos to share information and also if a member asks a question I might answer or offer help by doing a Facebook or Instagram Live. Now, if you know me or have attended one of my sessions or events, you know, I bring the energy and the humour but I also bring the transformative knowledge. My sessions are lively, fun and a great opportunity to learn. I also learn from my members! 

This depends, if you have a pay monthly account, your access will be available as long as your membership is active. If you have an annual membership, you will have access for 12 months.

Well, all of the Queens here have busy lives so the training videos are not too long or comprehensive and the best part is, you can work at your own pace. 

There are also bite size trainings which means you can start and complete a training within 30 minutes and still have a high level of value.

Queen, what I can assure you of is, when you want to change your life, you do what is necessary to do so. This means,  showing up foryself, doing the work, and reconising the habits you need to change, drop and introduce. Taking full advantage of this membership will definitely change you’re life. I’m in the Life Transformation business. You can just ask my clients about that. Queen, you are in safe hands. 

The aim of this membership is to create sustainable confidence, develop a growth mindset, and experience prosperous prospects. When you feel you have achieved this and no longer require support then the decision is yours. I recommend staying in the membership for a minimum of 6-12 months to allow yourself adequate time to develop the new habits and learnings which will have a positive and ongoing impact on your life. 

Got more Questions? Email them to me at or call +44 7404 601 845

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