It's time to change the narrative.
This is step one of re-designing your life!

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A thought loop is when we have a minor obsession focused on one singular thought that goes around and around in our minds. Often it is attached to what we think other people are thinking about us.

It might drive you to keep checking your phone for messages or social media for likes. If you've come out of a breakup, you might be 'social stalking' someone as the negative thought loop creates the obsession about what they are doing. Or maybe you have done something which you deeply regret, it keeps playing over in your mind.

It happens to us all at some time. We tell ourselves a story that seems to be on repeat and zapping at our confidence. Well, I wanted to do this short training to help you to manage your thoughts when this happens.

So here are 5 steps to consider if you find yourself stuck in a negative thought loop and at the end of this, I will give you a case study for you to do as homework. Consider it a practice run so you know exactly how to handle the negative thought loop if you find yourself having one.

Download your training & workbook

It's time to get out of the Negative Thought Loop and start to take control of the thoughts occupying your mind. You can do this!

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