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A Quick Message From JJ

Your courses have been broken down into different modules which will address different areas of your life.

Some of the training will lead directly to others in which case, the next step of the course will be accessible after the current course has been completed.

The most important part of this course is IMPLEMENTATION.

This aligns with the 4-Step Value System which is:

Courage, Empowerment, Action & Growth

Each lesson will have actionable outcomes that can be integrated into your daily lives to allow you to see results. 

This is how you will know your confidence is growing and you are building the skillset and mindset to sustain it.

Your Courses & Trainings

When you have selected a module from the below grid, you will need to select the  ‘Take This Course’ button to provide you access to the course.

My Signature Programmes

Purpose Accelerator

Here we focus on stepping out of survive mode and into THRIVE MODE. Complete the Business Mentoring Programme and you will be 1 of 10,000 women who will receive my help to boost their confidence & their earning potential with the 4-Step Value System. It's time to transform your life!

I Choose Me

This is a Signature Life Coaching Programme - a full experience to show you how to choose yourself. This programme will teach you key lessons in assertiveness and a step by step guide to setting and enforcing personal boundaries. This programme, will change your life... if you allow it to!

CQA Event Replays like the, life coach lounge, business mentoring sessions, annual mastermind events, vision board sessions and money mindset sessions all live here. Enjoy!

Replay Hub

So much more than just a book club. GROWTH is where community building takes place. Check out the replays and join us for on-the-spot coaching and implementation of the powerful strategies learned in personal development books.

You will find all your guest expert trainings here. Grab a notepad and pen, there is so much value inside, waiting for you!

Want More Support?

A few extra ‘bit’s’…


If your need a fast track way to level up, book Business Brainstorm Mentoring or Career Confidence Coaching. Discounted CQA cost £299

Here is the link:

Book a CV Consultation, to use the CV & Interview Support Service. Discounted CQA investment starts from £149 for CV Review & Renew or Interview Prep Session. Here’s the link:

My PowerHour 2.0 sessions have been incredibly popular for members of the Academy. A 90min call to address limiting beliefs or challenges blocking your progression. Discounted CQA Members Cost £225

Original cost is £299

Here is the link:

All matters relating specifically to Diversity & Inclusion will be inside of this hub, which includes useful documents and resources.

If you need technical support or assistance with your account should an error occur within the platform please create a post in the FB group, or Discord the CQA support team will pick it up and assist you.

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