I Choose ME!

Your Pathway to Self-Love, Self-Trust, & Self-Confidence

Exclusive 6 Week life Coaching Group Programme for women 40+


Live Zoom Sessions 

Six Mondays, Jan 29 – March 4, 2024

Two LIVE Slots

12pm PT / 3pm ET / 8pm UK

7pm PT / 10pm ET / 3am UK

(Replays & Recordings Included)

Delivered by Coach JJ Certified & Accredited Life Coach and Certified Feel the Fear and do it Anyway Coach with Susan Jeffers Corporation


Do you ever imagine what it must feel like when your cup is overflowing?

Imagine your life feeling so enriched that every day brings a sense of fulfillment and joy. 

Imagine having the time and energy to work towards your dreams and goals, while also cherishing moments with friends and loved ones. Imagine feeling energized, fully present in each moment, basking in the glow of self-assurance and inner peace.

This version of you understands your value and self-worth, embracing self-care not as a luxury, but as a vital part of your routine. You love yourself unconditionally, setting healthy boundaries effortlessly. Saying ‘yes’ to your dreams and desires isn’t just a wishful thought – it’s your everyday reality.

Your life becomes an inspiring testament to what’s possible when you choose yourself, when you prioritize and invest in your happiness and well-being.

This is the essence of ‘Choosing Yourself’.

Are you ready to start filling your own cup?

Here's How It's Going Down

Week 1: Embracing Self-Worth and Authenticity

Focus: Understanding and affirming personal value, identity, and worth.
Outcome: Enhanced self-esteem, clarity on personal values and identity, and the foundation for authentic self-expression.

Week 2: Cultivating Courage Despite Fear

Focus: Building courage, confronting fears, and addressing limiting beliefs.
Outcome: Identify and confront fears, increased courage, and strategies to move forward.

Week 3: Establishing Healthy Boundaries and Self-Love

Focus: Setting and maintaining healthy boundaries, cultivating self-love and self-compassion.
Outcome: Clear understanding of personal boundaries, improved self-love, and practical skills for maintaining these boundaries.

Week 4: Unmasking and Embracing Intentionality

Focus: Dropping the mask, embracing vulnerability, and living in alignment with values
Outcome: Understanding of personal masks, and confidence in genuine self-expression.

Week 5: Creating Balance and Joy in Life

Focus: Achieving life balance, identifying sources of joy, and creating a fulfilling life.
Outcome: Strategies for life balance, increased personal joy, and a plan for a more fulfilling life.

Week 6: Transformation and Sustained Growth

Focus: Reflecting on transformation, planning for continued growth, and sustaining changes.
Outcome: Self-recognition, set clear goals, with tools for ongoing personal growth.


Choose Yourself in 3 Steps



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Your 'Pay In Full' Bonus

I’ve added this bonus for those who decide to go all in on their commitment to choose themselves by paying full for the “I Choose Me” program. 

Private Voxer or Whatsapp Group

Immediate Access: Benefit from the convenience and immediacy of 'on-the-go' Voxer/WhatsApp coaching. Whether you have a sudden insight, a burning question, or need urgent support, you're just a message or voice note away from expert support.

Enhanced Program Experience: This added layer of support complements the program’s content, and offers a chance to deepen your understanding and application of the principles and strategies you learn with daily mindset support.

Two Weeks Post-Program Accountability: After the program end and you begin to implement your new skills and insights into your daily life, this support ensures you stay on track and overcome any emerging challenges.

Well, imagine having a personal life coach just a tap away — that’s the power of the Voxer bonus.  It’s like carrying your coach in your pocket, offering you instant access to tailored support, and guidance whenever you need it. Particualrly helpful should the programme unearth a realisation you wish to talk through, or a lightbulb moment that comes to mind during your lunch break, for example.

Whether you’re facing a challenging decision, need a quick motivational boost, or simply want to share a success, Voxer brings the wisdom and insight of your coach directly to your fingertips, transforming your journey with real-time, personalized coaching.

Throughout the programme you get to benefit from 1:1 support allowing you a more personal experience which enhances your journey through the “I Choose Me” program. This is a no-brainer opportunity for for those ready to invest in themselves by going ‘all-in’ on their personal growth and empowerment.

Why would anyone choose me when I've never even chosen myself?


This question caused me to change my life.

My path wasn’t straightforward. I spent years trapped in a cycle of survival and scarcity, enduring emotional and physical abuse and burning out from my corporate job. Without my job, I was just JJ,  who was secretly stuck in a violent and hostile homelife. I found myself in a contemplating ending it all. I had a realisation that my fears and low self-esteem had been driving my decisions for too long. I didn’t deserve to be hurt, but I ignored red flags because I wanted so much to be loved and chosen by someone. It was then, that I asked myself the big question, “Why would anyone choose me when I’ve never chosen myself?”. That question didn’t only change my life, it saved my life. And since then, a day hasn’t gone by when I haven’t chosen myself.

I learned how to show up for myself and make healthier decisions for my life. I learned how to fill my cup and give from a place of abundance and not lack which meant, everyone benefited, especially those closest to me. I created a life that lights me up, being in situations where I feel valued. Saying ‘yes’ to following my dreams and being able to live a life of contribution. Using my experiences of life to help others, aligning with my values and purpose, and saying no to the relationships and situations that don’t serve me because I no longer needed everyone to choose me in order to feel loved. I validated myself, I chose myself and everyday that I find ways to choose myself allows me to be the best version of myself. And I want to help you experience the same.

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In the "I Choose Me" program, I bring together my professional expertise, personal experiences, and the transformative principles of Dr. Susan Jeffers. My goal is to create a safe, nurturing space for you to explore your fears, unlock your potential, and step into a life of authenticity and fulfillment. Join me in this transformative journey. It's your time to rediscover your spark, reclaim your value, and rewrite your narrative.

Let’s embark on this path of self-love, self-trust, and self-confidence together. Your story of transformation begins here, with choosing yourself.

Are you ready?

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