Congratulations! You've taken the first step.  You're now at the starting line. 

Step 1: Deciding To Choose Yourself!

Welcome to the first step towards transformation. By clicking that button, you’ve already made a significant decision. Choosing yourself is about setting the terms for what you deserve in life. It’s a powerful act of recognising that you’re worthy of more and deciding to give yourself exactly that. Well done for making this crucial decision – it’s truly the first step on a remarkable journey.

Let’s get you to the second step.

Step 02 - COMMIT

Commitment is where choice turns into action. It’s where your decision to choose yourself becomes tangible and real. This step involves making your initial investment to start the ‘Feel the Fear & THRIVE’ programme.

Why Commit? Your commitment not only secures your spot on the programme (as spaces are exclusive and very limited as I only work with six 1:1 clients at a time) but also marks your dedication to personal growth. The programme spots fill quickly, and your investment ensures you’re one of the few to embark on this life-changing journey.

How To Commit?

Investment Details: The initial investment is $500, which will be deducted from the total investment price.

Payment Options: Following your initial $500 payment, we can discuss installment plans and other payment options during our discovery call. 

Once your investment is processed, you’ll be directed to schedule your discovery call. This call is a crucial part of your onboarding process. We’ll set provisional dates for your sessions, discuss payment options, and arrange for the distribution of your programme materials.

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