The Confidence Queens Academy

Building Confidence By Transforming Prospects & Mindsets


Welcome Queen

If you’re here, you must be ready to slay self-doubt and negativity to walk head high into your future, with courage, confidence, and a whole lot of fun.

Have you ever said...

😔  I’m not good enough to achieve what I want in my life

😔  I’m never going to get that job, there’s no point trying just to get rejected

😔  Without qualifications, I can only dream of a salary like that

😔  How can I convince people that I know my stuff without looking big-headed

😔  I feel like a phony, I don’t deserve this, I’m just doing my job 

😔  I don’t know enough about business to own one

😔  Knowing me, I’ll probably fail in the business world, no one would buy from me anyway

But, what if...

✅  You could achieve what you wanted in life?

✅  You could get the job of your dreams with CV & interview support?

✅  You could bag that salary and promotion by negotiating like a boss?

✅  Deal with rejection like a boss without it stopping you in your tracks?

✅  You could overcome your self-doubt and have self-confidence? 

✅  Be bold and be visible without feeling uncomfortable in your own skin?

✅  You could set up a business and have a life with more freedom?

How? ...I hear you ask

You just need to join The Confidence Queens Academy

Here's what we have in store for you

Confidence & Self

Identify untruths and learned behavior with this mindset detoxing module. You will address negative internal and external influences that hold you back from living your real truth and discover how to move forward with new supportive thinking and understand your passion and purpose. 

Confidence & Courage

Turn your fears into fuel with this module, where you will learn a new set of tools that will help you to push through barriers that have kept you stuck. Build resilience and take on new challenges which will keep you operating safely outside of your comfort zone where your personal growth lives

Confidence & Career

This module will have you using your new skills and tools to develop belief in yourself while transferring and leveraging your abilities and brilliance in your career. Using your confidence to set new goals and map out your plan to prepare for the business, career, or promotion of your dreams.

Confidence & Quirks

This module focuses on your individual quirks and nuances, the things that make you, YOU. You will see how the things you have probably tried to deny, hide or tone down can be used to help you understand your unique contribution to the world, reminding you why you are a Queen.

Confidence & Leadership

Understand how to align your confidence, with spirituality, purpose and authenticity. Develop an understanding of how to lead in complex environments. Understand critical and solution-based thinking that will help you to confidently thrive as a leader in the 21st century.

Legendary Queens

At Legendary Queen status, you have a unique opportunity to give back. Use your learnings to mentor, train, or coach other Queens in the academy. Hone your skills by presenting or hosting workshops and training sessions so you continue to grow and be an affiliate of The CQ Academy.

There are new trainings added each month, but what else makes this course different is, each module is filled with practical, solution based exercises and tools which you can apply immediately to deal with real life personal, work or business situations.

Your Journey Through The Academy

Aspiring Queens
Starter Level

You will identify the fears, anxieties, and negative self-talk that held you hostage.

Learn the tools which will help you to see a whole new version of yourself and begin to develop trust in your intuition with a range of wellbeing tools. You will learn and form new habits which will support and elevate your growth each day.

You see start to see a life filled with possibilities and recognise the opportunities which will help you to reach your true potential. 

Studious Queens
Intermediate Level

Now, you’ve started to put into action the steps learned which will help you to leverage your new learning in your career, business, and life.

You can already see progress from the new habits you’ve created and your confidence and self-belief have increased.

This is the time you set new expectations which align with your greatness.


Established Queens
Advanced Level

You’re making bossy moves and you are comfortable with decision-making regardless of any fears.

You have a clear path and you are already taking charge of your future and owning your space, in your career or business. Even your communication, relationships and family life has improved.

You and others around you can see your true potential as you elevate and shine with self-confidence.

Confidence Queens
Legendary Level

You are a courageous powerhouse. You speak your truth, you know your truth and whether you speak with a loud voice or a soft voice, everyone feels your presence. 

Your confidence is radiant, you are unstoppable!

You did the work and now you can pay it forward. You are the CEO of your life, stand tall and wear that Crown Queen!

But how much does it cost? Yes, I heard you

Well, answer these Questions, Queens;

How much is your future worth to you?

How much would you pay to have the confidence you need to step out with courage and have the life you deserve?

What would you do if you knew you couldn’t fail; how big would you play?

When you answer those questions, I bet the figure you come up with is much bigger than $42 /£29

a month.

So let me tell you what else your enrolment at the academy gets you.

Yes, all for a pre-launch investment of $42 /£29 per month

And it includes the below features ⬇︎

Your CQA Community

Connect with a diverse community of like-minded Queen’s going through their own development journey.

It’s a beautiful opportunity to grow your circle and find accountability partners who are supportive of each other’s success and focused on being the best versions of themselves.

Your CQA Channel

A dedicated communication channel (outside of the social media platforms). Here you can network and get to know other Queens in the community.

You can post any questions, statements, share your stories, wins, and any challenges you’ve faced whilst on your personal growth journey.

Your CQA Resources

Access a wealth of online course material, workbooks, videos, and training. Guest speakers & coaches covering areas like;

  • Wellbeing
  • Health & Nutrition
  • Mental Health
  • Relationships
  • Parenting
  • Managing Dyslexia

Your CQA Coaching

Live, interactive group coaching calls every week, hosted by JJ, addressing the questions raised in the communication channel to support your growth, and help you to reframe your story. 



Once the Academy doors are open, the pre-launch investment will cease and enrolment will increase to $70/£49 per month

So, how do I enrol now?

The Confidence Queens Academy doors open on 31st August 2021🎉
There are limited spaces at the Academy, BUT, the good news is, we've opened up our waitlist and the Courageous Queens who sign up now, will receive delightful bonuses and start building their confidence right away.

So, are you ready to join the waitlist?

Enter your details below and be notified personally when The Confidence Queens Academy is open with an invitation to our launch event, and be greeted with a bonus - Mindfulness Workbook, and the 5 Ways to Immediately Boost your Confidence in the Workplace Masterclass will greet you on enrolment.

The CQA Risk Free Guarantee

Everything that is taught in the Confidence Queens Academy has been tried and tested, not only by me but many others. I’ve spent many years researching so you don’t have to. Not only that, but I’m giving you the precise formulas which are responsible for the many successes in my life. This is why I am confident enough to offer a 7 day money-back guarantee. Joining the CQ Academy is risk-free to allow you to live the life you dream of and have the support you need to do it. We’re breaking these barriers, together Queens!

Meet The Founder

JJ — Founder & CEO

I’m JJ, and there are four words on which I base my life, my philosophy, so to speak, and they are: Courage, Empowerment, Action, and Growth.

They feed into each other, so courage empowers you to take action, which is the starting point for growth. I believe all four of these things need to be present to create a confident life of success, meaning, and satisfaction -the life you deserve. These values fuel each of the coaching sessions and programmes I create.

I’m an International Coach and CEO of Ability Business Group, a coaching and consulting business, serving individuals and organisations. I’m the Founder of a grassroots community interest company called We Excel and a Feel the fear and do it anyway, Certified Trainer for the Susan Jeffers Corporation.

And of course, the Founder of The Confidence Queens Academy.

I developed my philosophy based on the challenges and experiences I have faced. While my life seemed quite straightforward from the outside, there have been many things I have had to overcome, and many lessons learned from, loss of self-confidence, anxiety, an abusive relationship, being in debt and, struggling to reposition my career to align with my passion. I listened to all the guru’s, I tried multiple tactics to ground myself, learn to love myself, and really understand what I wanted for my life.

I’ve spent several years enhancing my skills and expertise in building courage and confidence, to empower people destined for greatness, because I first did this for myself. I believe everybody has greatness within them just waiting to be bought out. I’ve supported a mix of people at all levels, students, business owners, employees, managers, and leaders, as they develop their personal growth and transition in their careers and businesses by leveraging the power, they didn’t even realise they had. I support them to push through their comfort zones while keeping wellbeing and self-care as a priority in their lives. I do this by focusing on those four words, courage, empowerment, action, and growth. My philosophy has never failed and has become the framework on which my confidence was built.

My mission is to support as many women as possible to overcome the barriers and obstacles in their lives. I’m committed to contributing to reducing the gender and ethnicity pay gap. I want to empower women to be the best, most courageous, and most confident versions of themselves. To be proud of who they are and fairly compensated for what they do. Why? because we ALL deserve to live the lives we desire but also because representation is massive to me. When our younger generation see us, I want them to know woman, regardless of colour, ethnicity, orientation or background, can do anything, be anything, and be successful!

Representation matters.

I represent courage, empowerment, action and growth.

What do you want to represent? 

Corporate Clients,
Past Employers & My Companies

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