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Life can be amazing when you make the decision to choose yourself and create a life that you love.
Keep reading, and I will show you how to unlock sustainable self-confidence so you can connect with your potential and purpose and truly THRIVE!

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Self Love is a practice. You’ve heard me say this before (If you haven’t, you really need to go back to this blog and read up on Self Love). It’s a habit, it’s something we do for ourselves regularly, to keep us in touch with ourselves and to stay compassionate to ourselves, to allow us to continue to take care of ourselves.

If you’ve been following through these past three weeks, then you’ll have been trying out different ways to show yourself, Love. As we’re entering this last week of the Self Love month, I want you to mindfully create Self Love habits. Routines, even. Find a few things that you love doing for yourself, and carve out specific times to do them regularly. It can be as simple as dedicating half an hour before bed to enjoy a good book, or committing to dance classes every Saturday afternoon. There are also some less conventional ways to show self-love. Or, you could simply set yourself five minutes every morning where you can sit with yourself and recite Self Love affirmations. As a side note, this last one is my favorite, because it really makes Self Love the way that I start my day. Every morning, I remind myself of my achievements, and I read back to myself some positive mantras that I’ve created specifically for me. It’s such a habit that I cannot start my day off properly without doing this routine. A bit like my morning coffee… which is also mandatory, obviously. If I’m missing one or the other, or God forbid both, I feel like something is missing the whole day. 

The point is, make Self Love an integral part of how you live your life. Make it be something that you’re so used to reaching inside for that you don’t really need to look for it somewhere else. This month is about taking control of a fundamental human need – the need for Love – but doing away with conditionality and dependence on others. It’s right there, Queen. So make it your practice, and stick to it. Because once you’ve got this habit down, it will be time to move on to Visualizing Yourself, which is next month’s theme. We are dedicating June to designing the Queen that we know we can become, that Queen that we want to let out into the world, and making that Queen a reality.

I know that Self Love doesn’t always resolve negative messaging, and it’s perfectly normal to have negative messaging along with positive messaging. But if you’re having messaging that is getting in the way of your connecting with Self Love, I want you to make time for this course here that will teach you how to break negative thought loops so you can start to have thoughts that can better serve you. 

For my Queens who are feeling demoralised and on the verge of quitting what they’re doing now, be it trying to pursue something new or stuck in a situation they want out of, I posted a new short tips and tricks video here for you. 

For my Queens who are freelancing or looking for new opportunities and are struggling with Career Confidence, I got your back. Few things are worse than trying to push into the new but being held back by your own doubt. I hosted a Facebook Live on the topic, which you can watch here if you’ve missed it.

Now, you know we’re not about staying where we are, Queen. We’re about constant progress and growth. Here, we’re about living out our potential, in our truth. So, you know what’s next. From 30 May to 3 June, I’m running the Purpose Incubator, a 5-day Challenge, which is more like a 5-day Life Transformation Experience, that will help you define your Purpose and take concrete action to fulfill that Purpose. The event is completely free, and you have every reason to attend. Without giving anything away, I want to say that there is a follow-up to the Purpose Incubator, but it is ONLY for the Queens that have signed up for and attended the Purpose Incubator. So what are you waiting for? Sign up here to book your spot, let’s work on this together.

You got this, and you know I got you 😉

Fix your crown.

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JJ, Your Courage Catalyst

I'm a Certified Life, Career, and Confidence Coach, and Certified Feel the fear and do it anyway coach & Trainer. and, I'm also the founder of The Confidence Queens Academy.
These blogs are a way for me to share transformational insights, tools and techniques that will help you develop sustainable self-confidence and learn how to transition from surviving to THRIVING.

If you’re looking to step into the royal 'soft' life that you deserve, be sure to check out The Confidence Queens Academy, it’s everything you’ve been looking for... and so much more.

2 thoughts on “Be Your Own Daily Love Machine”

  1. sharon Johnson

    First i would love to start with saying i love the saying fix your crown.
    This saying make me feel the crown right on top of my head. A crown that say you
    are wonderful made. with a Beautiful and creative personality,
    I deserve to be love from the inside out appreciated and feeling my best’ and attract people who
    love me. Everything start with how you feel about myself and giving yourself the care i deserve.
    Speak over yourself your are wonderful made.

    1. You are fearfully and wonderfully made, a chosen generation, a royal priesthood, a holy nation. Your crown is firmly on your head and is there to stay.

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