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Choose Courage
Choose Confidence
Choose You!

When you know how to CHOOSE yourself, you can transition your life from surviving, to THRIVING.

The Confidence Queens Academy is where you learn the steps!

Meet JJ

The Founder & Coach

I'm in the business of helping people to thrive. If that's what you want, then you're in the right place.

International Certified Life & Confidence Coach

Certified Career Development Coach

Business Revenue Growth Consultant & Mentor

CEO, Consultant & Founder

Hear from Chereen as she
shares her experience
after spending three
months in the Academy
to focus on herself
& her business

Fed up of going through the motions?

Maybe you’ve never really invested in yourself, but now… 

You’re looking to have a more meaningful experience of life and be part of something special.

You’re at a point where surviving, is not enough and it feels like life is passing you by.

You’re helping others fulfil their dreams, while your dream gathers dust on the shelf. 

You’re fed up with living small.

You want to heal. You want to live. You want to THRIVE!

You’re ready to welcome positive change in your life because you know, the change starts with you. 

And after all, nothing changes, if nothing changes! 

Some of the key benefits you will LOVE

The Purpose Accelerator Course will help you to learn how to create an additional revenue stream by monestise one of your skills, passions and aligning your purpose. This is useful if you want to start charging for your knowledge e.g. consulting, freelance, coaching, mentoring, and also useful for those who have a product based business.

The Purpose Accelerator Course included in this membership has been successful for members learning the foundations of business, while others have started new businesses, transitioned into consulting and generating revenue from digital products that has helped them in critical times in away that totally aligns with their purpose and character.

On a monthly basis, you can drop into the virtual lounge for coffee and chat with JJ, and smash through limiting beliefs, restrictive or negative mindsets and transition into a place of personal growth. This is where you benefit from being able to receive life coaching support, ask questions and gain clarity in a empowering and safe space. 

The most powerful and transformational book club you will find. We focus on one book per month and deep dive, looking how the book impacts us, what we can learn and on a weekly basis we meet up to discuss how we can implement what we have learned. There is an element of coaching with different exercises shared as well as having deep and meaningful and have conversations where we share our experiences and learnings from a place of vulnerability, courage and strength.This is where a lot of healing and growth takes place each week.

The LIVE masterClasses are where we deep dive into one of the 60 mini-courses covering areas such as career, personal growth, business success, faith, decision-making, self-forgiveness, the works. There are also new topics covered with masterclasses and mini- courses added each month.

Not sure if this is for you?

Have you felt like the below…

You’ve been going through the motions for so long, just getting by, and now you desperately want to get from surviving to THRIVING!

You want to take your career or bsuiness to the next level but you don’t have support and you’re afraid to fail. You already feel like a failure.

You’re fed up of wearing a mask, you want to learn how to be more comfortable with being yourself and truly know what that means.

This concept of authenticity and purpose, you’re ready for it, but how on earth do you find your purpose when it feels like you don’t have one?

You’ve spent so much time people-pleasing with nothing to show for it! And you’re ready to choose yourself and start setting boundaries.

You’re fed up of feeling STUCK. Waking up to a life you don’t like, a job you don’t enjoy, and you are ready to create a life that you love. 

Let me guess, you didn't just read that, you felt it, right?
I get it, but, don't worry, because you're in the right place.

It's time for you to stop feeling like this

Life Satisfaction Level
SURVIVING Going Through The Motions


Life Satisfaction Level
THRIVING And In Love With Life

Get Ready To Transform Your Career, Your Business
and Your LIFE!

Happy Clients Love To Share Their Truth

◦ more courage ◦ more clarity ◦ more confidence ◦ more courage ◦ more clarity ◦ more confidence ◦

Ready to introduce an additional income into your home that aligns with your passion and purpose?


The Purpose Accelerator
Business Mentoring Programme

Available to All Members of The Academy

This could be you!

Purpose Accelerator Business Mentoring Course

This is where we focus on stepping out of survive mode and into THRIVE MODE. Complete the Business Mentoring Programme and you will be 1 of 10,000 women I've committed to directly work with to boost their confidence & their earning potential with the 4-Step Value System. This programme will help you create a vehicle to drive a new income steam into your home, or expand your existing one. Transform your life by increasing your impact and your income.
It's time to Accelerate Your Purpose with The Purpose Accelerator Business Mentoring Programme, LET'S GO!

⬅⬅ Hear From One Of The members

All of this is totally possible for you!

I coach, train and mentor you, all the way through your transformation so you can transition from surviving, to THRIVING!

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'Courage, Empowerment, Action, and Growth'.

These are four words on which I base my life, my philosophy, so to speak, and they are ‘Courage, Empowerment, Action, and Growth‘.

They feed into each other, so courage empowers you to take action, which is the starting point for growth. I believe all four of these things need to be present to create a confident life of success, meaning, and satisfaction -the life you deserve. These values fuel each of the coaching sessions and programmes I create.

Inside the modules holds The Secret Sauce, which outlines The Sustainable Self-Confidence Formula.
This is for members only😉


It takes courage to make a decision to 'CHOOSE' yourself and really get to grips with who you are at your core and to figure out what you want. It also takes courage to put boundaries in place that serve you in order for you to take the steps you need to live an inspired and confident life, with meaning. It All Starts Here.
The first module is COURAGE.


The power of community really kicks in when you have identified your boundaries and figured out who you are and who you want to be which means managing that negative self talk and self-doubt. You benefit from being around others who are on the same journey as you. Each day you walk in courage.
This module is EMPOWERMENT.


From the first two modules, you will have not only figured yourself out, but you will have ideas on what direction to take your life into. You are also fine tuning the art of stepping into your power. This module is where you realise that you have now developed the courage you need to bet on yourself. You know the time is now!
This module is ACTION.


This is where you begin to really see your transformation. You have taken the wheel and become the captain of your own ship and now you are no longer held back by fear or doubt. You are no longer living in the land of negative thinking. You have the tools, you have the community, you have the courage, You have the mindset and Finally, now You have The Confidence.
This module is GROWTH.

Money Mindset

This module will strengthen your relationship with money. This includes managing your personal finances, budgeting, investing wisely, digital currencies, and trading along with wealth affirmations and mantras. This module will help you to move from a mindset of lack, to one of abundance.
This module is Money Mindset.

Legendary Queens

At Legendary Queen status, you have a unique opportunity to give back. Use your learnings to mentor, train, or coach other Queens in the academy. Hone your skills by presenting or hosting workshops and training sessions so you continue to grow and be an affiliate of The CQ Academy.
This module is for the Legendary Queens.


The CQ Academy is for you if you are...

Ready to learn how to choose yourself

You're an ambitious woman with dreams, and you're ready to set boundaries to maximise your impact, focus on your personal and professional development, on your own terms, to benefit yourself and your loved ones.

READY TO develop a growth mindset

You desire to live a life of purpose and contribution while experiencing alignment and self-awareness on a deeper level, to understand how to master your thoughts and create new sustainable habits that serve you so you can add more value to the world.

Ready to escape Your comfort zone

Your fears have kept you captive for so long, you've procrastinated on living in your purpose for fear of judgement, failure and rejection. But now, you're over it. You're ready to take action and kick fear in the butt!

Ready to embrace your purpose

You've drifted through life on autopilot, never making real decisions for yourself based on what YOU want. You most likely 'fell' into your career, or you're business is not giving you what you expected. It's time to switch gear.

Direct Coaching, Mentorship & Accountability

So, Who Am I?

Hi, I’m JJ, Founder of The Confidence Queens Academy, and Creator of The Sustainable Self-Confidence Formula. I’m an International Certified and Accredited Life, Confidence & Career Coach and Business Revenue Consultant. And I’m just like you.
At the age of 35 I was in a place where I had gone through enough trauma, pain, disappointment and burn out, to last two life times. 
After going through emotional and physical abuse, and working so many hours I burnt out and was trapped in an impossible, violent and volatile situation. I went to a very dark place.
I realised that I had reached a point where I felt I had nothing to live for. Nothing big enough to keep me alive. I was isolated and hurt but then, I came to a realisation that saved my life. then I asked myself a question… Why should anyone choose me, when I’ve never even chosen myself? I made a decision to choose myself and find a reason to live.
This led me on a journey of self-discovery and I got to a place in my life where I was able to make things make sense… and while on that journey, I connected with my purpose and started thriving. And here I am today. Here to help you learn how to get from surviving, to thriving, using my frameworks, tools and techniques that I have created as well as those I have learned through my training. These tools and frameworks have transformed the lives of many women, mind included. And now you have an opportunity to experience them for yourself, you just need to make a decision to choose yourself, and hit the button below to join me inside The CQ Academy. 

Are you in? 

Go For Gold!

Ever realise you've been sabotaging your own success?
Ever asked yourself, why do I do that?

Understanding how your beliefs are formed is vital for you to be able to breakdown why you do, what you do.

When you sign up for the Annual Gold Level, you will get this Beliefs MasterClass. A pivotal Interactive MasterClass to help you understand yourself on a deeper level with action steps on how to bust your limiting beliefs and end the self-sabotaging behaviours that are blocking you from your success.

With a 1:1 PowerHour+ Session to help you identify and overcome the limiting beliefs that are holding you back or keeping your stuck, with an action plan to help you.

What fear is holding you back?
Fear of failing? Judgement? Rejection?
To make it to stop, you need to uncover the root cause!

My signature Feel the fear programme is responsible for women transforming their lives. Changing their careers, from accountants to singer & songwriter, travelling solo, becoming consultants, increasing their fees and negotiating pay increases. Even, going live on social media to help thems how up for their business.
Your Gold level unlocks a Feel the fear and do it anyway PowerHour+ Session to help you identify which of the level 3 fears are showing up with Voxer Accountability Support to help you navigate the fear and be able to take action!

What Do The
Members Say...

Yes Queen, all this goodness...

and there's a money-back guarantee!

Go For Gold & Grab The Bonuses

Gold Plan
Our 'Annual' Option (2 Months Free & Bonus MasterClasses)
2 Months Free - Saving of £150
Purpose Accelerator Business Mentoring Course
Monthly Life Coach Lounge
'GROWTH' - The Self-Healing & Development BookClub with Coaching
24/7 Access To VIP Facebook Group & Discord Channel
60+ Exclusive Members Only Life Coaching MasterClasses & Courses
➕ 1 x BreakThrough Coaching Session with JJ (Business, Career or Life Coaching) Per Quarter
⭐️12 Month Minimum Commitment⭐️ (Upgrade Options)
Silver Plan
£75 a month
⭐️ 3 Month Minimum Commitment
Purpose Accelerator Business Mentoring Course
Monthly Life Coach Lounge
'GROWTH' - The Self-Healing & Development BookClub with Coaching
24/7 Access To VIP Facebook Group & Discord Channel
60+ Exclusive Members Only Life Coaching MasterClasses & Courses
➕ 30 Min Boost 1:1 Session
⭐️3 Month Minimum Commitment⭐️ (Upgrade Options)
Starter Plan
£19 a month
⭐️ 3 Month Minimum Commitment
24/7 Access To VIP Facebook Group & Discord Channel
60+ Exclusive Members Only Life Coaching MasterClasses & Courses
Accountability Hub
⭐️3 Month Minimum Commitment⭐️ (Upgrade Options)

*There is a payment plan option to invest in the VIP Membership.

To arrange this, click the button below and schedule a 15 minute call to discuss your options.

The CQA Risk Free Guarantee

Everything that is taught in the Confidence Queens Academy has been tried and tested, not only by me but many others. I’ve spent many years researching so you don’t have to. Not only that, but I’m giving you the precise formulas which are responsible for the many successes in my life. This is why I am confident enough to offer a 7-day money-back guarantee. Joining the CQ Academy is risk-free to allow you to live the life you dream of and have the support you need to do it. We’re breaking these barriers, together Queen!

You Got Question? I got Answers
Here are The FAQ's

I love the idea of a community feel, I think it is important for us to support each other, however, being introverted myself, I know how challenging public engagement can be, especially for those with social anxiety. This is a totally inclusive platform, which means, however you prefer to engage, it will work. Some members are looking for a community as a support network whereas others are just keen to benefit from the learning platform and courses and may not attend social activities, either is totally fine. I  created this platform to allow people to make use of the trainings as self study. You do not need to interact if this is what you prefer. Whatever is easier for you to do, you can do that. You can interact as much or as little as you need. This is where you can show up and be you, no judgement here! 

Not at all. This is why we have two modes of communication. If you do not want to use facebook, you can use Discord. It is a platform where you can communicate with us all, even with me, and a Facebook account is not required. The calls will be on zoom and the video will be uploaded as a private video to our training platform. You have options Queen, I believe in choice!

All sessions will be held on Zoom unless otherwise discussed and agreed in The Academy.  They are held twice a month on the second and fourth Wednesday of each month. However, I tend to jump on to the Facebook group and do short videos to share information and also if a member asks a question I might answer or offer help by doing a Facebook or Instagram Live. Now, if you know me or have attended one of my sessions or events, you know, I bring the energy and the humour but I also bring the transformative knowledge. My sessions are lively, fun and a great opportunity to learn. I also learn so much from my members! 

This depends, if you have a pay monthly account, your access will be available as long as your membership is active but in the minimum, it will be 6 months as there is a 6 month commitment on pay monthly plans and 12 month commitment on the annual or VIP plans. If you have an annual membership, you will have access for 12 months. As you would expect, once you leave the membership, you lose access to the wealth of knowledge and content on platform.

Well, all of the Queens here have busy lives so the training videos are not too long or comprehensive and the best part is, you can work at your own pace. 

There are also bite size trainings which means you can start and complete a training within 20-30 minutes and still have a high level of value. My recommendation would be to visit the platform on a weekly basis and spend at least 20 minutes a week on either learning, checking out the events or benefiting from the weekly blog.

Queen, what I can assure you of is, when you want to change your life, you do what is necessary to do so. This means,  showing up for yourself, doing the work, and reconising the habits you need to change, drop and introduce. Taking full advantage of this membership will definitely change your life and by embracing the Four Step Formula and putting each phase into action, yes, your will develop confidence. I’m in the Life Transformation business. You can just ask my clients about that. Queen, you are in safe hands, I fix crowns for a living, not just for fun! 

The aim of this membership is to create sustainable confidence, develop a growth mindset, and experience prosperous prospects. When you feel you have achieved this and no longer require support then the decision is yours. I recommend staying in the membership for a minimum of 12 months to allow yourself adequate time to complete the full 12 monthly themes which make up the Four Step Formula. This is how you fully develop and embed the new habits and learnings into your life to facilitate a sustainable, positive and ongoing impact.

Got more Questions? Email them to me at

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