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We’re at week 2 of Celebrate Yourself, where we’re perfecting the art of taking pride in your accomplishments, big and small.

Wait.. what?  You’re not used to Celebrating yourself?


OK Queen, listen, I get it and I guess you’re right, Celebrating Yourself just because it’s Tuesday, or for doing the daily tasks that you usually take for granted, might feel weird when you first try it. But we miss so much of our lives when we don’t pick up on the amazing things we do on a regular basis. Yes, even the small things. Sometimes, it’s those small things that end up having a profound impact on you in the future, but we take them for granted. Then, before you know it, YOU become one of the things you take for granted! 


Celebrating Yourself is actually a way of life that I believe more people should embrace. It’s really powerful for steering away those feelings of imposter syndrome. It allows you intentional space to acknowledge your past and pick up the lessons you learned, which help you to see the progress you’ve made. You get a front row seat to witness the barriers you have broken, the limits you pushed and you get to forge ahead and fulfil your purpose. 


Is it just me, or does Celebrating yourself suddenly sound so awesome?!


But I get it, at times, the idea of Celebrating Yourself might seem daunting, so let’s look at why. What are the conversations that are taking place in your head? What is the narrative that’s stuck on repeat and interfering with you feeling grand about yourself? 


Let’s see how we can reframe those thoughts so you can basque in the art of self-Celebration…


You might be thinking to yourself that there’s nothing to be celebrated. 


Celebrations have always been a precious scarcity, reserved for the “big” things. Surely you don’t throw a party because you managed to get out of bed on Thursday?


You might be thinking that you’re less deserving of a celebration, because your achievements do not “measure up” somehow. 


Maybe against what you would have liked to achieve, or probably against what you think other people have achieved. 


You might be overlooking accomplishments as things that are just “done”. 


Yes, you landed a better paying job, but it was about time that you got paid more anyway. Or maybe you just cleaned your home for the first time in a while. It’s something you should’ve done anyway, you’re not going to celebrate for finally getting something done that you’ve been holding off on for absolutely no reason!


You might be feeling guilty that you’re giving yourself the attention instead of someone else. 


Kids, parents, a significant other, someone else in your life. Whoever it is, that person needs your attention. You can turn to yourself once you’re done celebrating them.


You might be feeling guilty about celebrating your accomplishment because you’ve stopped someone else from accomplishing the same. 


You’ve landed a job, but you’ve taken it away from someone else. You’ve got an opportunity to do something great, and robbed someone who might be more qualified and more deserving and since there’s a limited amount of success to go around, someone out there is now going without…


The list goes on and on, we can always find ways not to celebrate ourselves right… but let’s get into some reframing, because I really want you to get this handled. You see, I know it will change your life so, let’s acknowledge any blocks that you may have about Celebrating Yourself, and get them out of your way so that you can bask in the glory of your accomplishments!


So, the obvious block…Celebrations used to be reserved for the “big” or “special” things. So what? There’s nothing stopping you from celebrating something that you didn’t traditionally celebrate before. You are the CEO of your life, the captain of your ship. You get to call the shots! I’ve listed the benefits for celebrating, and don’t get me wrong the list doesn’t end there. There are so many more that you will discover when you embrace Celebration as a way of life. Why would you deny yourself the benefit of the Celebration? Because it wasn’t “done” before? You’re doing things that you’ve not done before, why not do this as well?!


And as for not “measuring up”, are you comparing your day 20 to someone else’s day 200 again? Didn’t we talk about this? Listen, I get it, it’s hard not to pay attention to everyone’s social media highlight reel, but let’s think for a second… let me ask you a question. While you are using someone else’s life as a measurement of your success, do you realise that someone out there is using your life as their measurement of success? Yep.. Mind Blown! But it’s true. You might not be aware of it, but I can guarantee you, someone else is looking at you and feeling bad for not being at your level. If you loved that person and had words of advice, what would you say to them? Write them down, look at yourself in a mirror and say those things back to you. It’s time you start treating yourself like your own best friend. 


If you’re denying yourself a Celebration because you’ve done something that’s just “done”, as a routine course of action, then… I have news for you. You’re underestimating your actions. If you managed to finally declutter a drawer, you’ve accomplished something by overcoming the obstacles that kept you from decluttering it in the first place. It IS an accomplishment that’s worthy of Celebration. If you need permission to celebrate the small victories, remember, you are the CEO of your life, grant yourself permission, boss! These small victories are bringing your life together as we speak!


If you’re delaying the Celebration because someone else needs your attention, let me tell you this. You’re using someone else as a cop-out to not address your own emotional wants and needs. I’m sorry (sorry, not sorry) but it’s true. Be courageous and decide to CHOOSE YOURSELF. You matter too. Let the people in your life know you’re blocking some time out to date yourself. Do you know how empowering that is? You can even invite them to celebrate with you if that feels right to you! 


And finally… on the guilt of robbing someone else from their opportunity. Let’s graduate from the fixed and scarcity mindset to one of growth and abundance. If you got the job over someone else, it’s because the job wasn’t suited for them. If you landed a client, you didn’t take them from anyone else. That client chose you for a reason, and they can very well un-choose you later. There is no scarcity, there’s no limited amount of success out there. There are opportunities everywhere. In fact, it’s very likely that one of the small achievements you took for granted lined up this opportunity and this is how it is making its profound impact in your life. So celebrate away, knowing that whoever it is you’re concerned about having robbed will find their own cause for Celebration.   


Queen, whatever your blocks, address them so that you can work through them and get to Celebrating. If you want to break some of the limiting beliefs that are blocking you or causing you to self-sabotage, then it’s probably time you book a PowerHour 2.0 call with me. For my CQA members, don’t forget to tap back into the Negative Thought Loops training to keep yourself on top of those narratives that are holding you back.


No achievement is too small, no success too mediocre, to Celebrate. Celebrate away, Queen. Because you deserve it.


Fix your crown.

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JJ, Your Courage Catalyst

I'm a Certified Life, Career, and Confidence Coach, and Certified Feel the fear and do it anyway coach & Trainer. and, I'm also the founder of The Confidence Queens Academy.
These blogs are a way for me to share transformational insights, tools and techniques that will help you develop sustainable self-confidence and learn how to transition from surviving to THRIVING.

If you’re looking to step into the royal 'soft' life that you deserve, be sure to check out The Confidence Queens Academy, it’s everything you’ve been looking for... and so much more.

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