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We’re into the second week of this month’s theme of Visualise Yourself, where we harness the power of Visualisation to create momentum, build self-confidence, and design our best selves. 

Visualisation is not an exercise in wishfulness. It’s not about sitting around and hoping that things were different, and daydreaming about what-if’s. It’s a tool that works hand in hand with the intention that you set for yourself. 

I use Visualisation before any big event of engagement. In fact, it’s the very last thing that I do before showing up. I take time to Visualize the outcome that I want to achieve, whether it’s positive reception from the crowd, business for myself, or just simply that it went well and everyone was happy with my performance. I do not use Visualisation before I’ve thoroughly prepared for the event or engagement, done my research, written my speaking notes, ensured housekeeping was in order, made arrangements for my attendance, and whatever else needs to be taken care of. I set an intention for the Visualisation, which includes the outcome that I want to achieve from the event, and carve out sufficient time before the engagement to Visualise that outcome, and then I get to the engagement. 

Last week, I had you practice Visualisation by asking you to Visualise your future self. This week, I would like you to set one (or more) intention for yourself, that you will use for your Visualisation exercise. For my Queens who have just completed the 5-Day Purpose Incubator, you already have your Purpose, your Life Statement, and your Roadmap. You can use Visualisation to practice the steps on your Roadmap, and set intentions that correspond with your Roadmap. For my Queens who have not attended the Incubator, not to worry! I have a few tips for you to help you set your intentions!

  1. Set yourself a concrete, realistic goal. It can be for things as big as a job interview or pitching a product to potential buyers, and as small as talking to someone you’re nervous about approaching. The goal is the outcome that you hope to achieve, so for example landing the job, selling the product, or simply having a positive interaction with that someone.
  2. Make sure that your goal aligns with the SMART test – that it’s Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Time-Bound. Identify how you’ll measure achievement of the goal, how it fits in with what you want to achieve, and set yourself a deadline to achieve it by. 
  3. Write yourself a positive statement, based on the SMART goal that you have set for yourself. For example, I will impress at the interview, and be offered the job. Or, the buyer will love my product, and put in an order. Do NOT, I repeat NOT write negative statements, such as I will not fail my interview. This positive statement will be your intention.   
  4. Get to Visualising! Use the positive statement as a starting point to Visualise the situation you will face, the outcome based on your SMART goal, and your emotions. 

All right Queen, over to you and your Imagi-Nation! Remember, the only limitations in that world are those that you set for yourself. If you are having trouble with intrusive thoughts, don’t forget the Negative Thought Loops training for my Confidence Queens Academy members, and the Facebook post on the subject here for my non-members.

Get to work Queen. You got this! And as always, I got you😉

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JJ, Your Courage Catalyst

I'm a Certified Life, Career, and Confidence Coach, and Certified Feel the fear and do it anyway coach & Trainer. and, I'm also the founder of The Confidence Queens Academy.
These blogs are a way for me to share transformational insights, tools and techniques that will help you develop sustainable self-confidence and learn how to transition from surviving to THRIVING.

If you’re looking to step into the royal 'soft' life that you deserve, be sure to check out The Confidence Queens Academy, it’s everything you’ve been looking for... and so much more.

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