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Do you celebrate your achievements? Or do you feel it is undeserved so you never accept compliments or credit? You just think it’s a fluke or luck.

Does it feel like at any moment you are about to get found out and told that you’re really not good enough. Does your heart sink inside your chest every time your boss calls your name? or when someone buys your new offer do you panic thinking you’re not good enough to deliver?

You try super hard, all the time, but you can never get things to be perfect so you end up feeling like a failure, constantly hiding. If this hits home for you, then you are not alone. So, what’s this feeling called? 

It’s known as ‘Imposter Syndrome’, something which both men and women face, although research shows it is highly prevalent in women.

This MasterClass will help you understand how Impostor Syndrome may show up in your life through your thoughts and feelings. And, more importantly, I will share 5 ways to self-coach your way through the impacts of  Imposter Syndrome effectively so that it doesn’t hold you back.

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