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These 12 steps when applied, with courage and commitment will change your life, for the better!

I know, because they changed mine.

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Who am I?

My name is JJ, and my life, well, it’s been a rollercoaster filled with excitement muddled with fear and trauma.

Like, when I found myself about to get married to someone who was not right or good for me and had to tell a church filled with over a thousand people, that I was calling off the wedding. Fear.

Or when I accepted a job in Dubai and moved to The Middle East, to work in one of the worlds largest law firms managing revenue and working capital, coaching and training teams, traveling around the Middle East and Asia to train and support COO’s and Finance Directors and Legal teams. Excitement.

Or when I found myself living in the middle of a nightmare, wrapped up in an abusive relationship that I couldn’t escape from. Trauma.

My home situation was so intense I began spending up to 15 hours a day working, just to avoid being at home… which soon lead to anxiety attacks and burnout. 

When Life hands you lemons, make lemonade!

Do you know how hard it is to manage burnout, anxiety and abuse at the same time? I do, unfortunately! But it was nearly the END of me, until I made the decision to choose myself. 

In that moment, my life changed.

It was a long, exhausting and painful road, but once I made the decision, I began to put things into action. 

This programme shows 12 vital steps that I took which invariably changed my whole life. 

If you are ready for a transformation, take these steps and apply them to your life and you will see change for yourself.

So, like I ask before… Are YOU Ready? 

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